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I wonder...

If one performs good deeds, are their actions rewarded?. And is it a sin to just have good intentions but never be able to act upon them ?. Are evil deeds punished?. If yes, who is the one? who is going to punish or reward?. Or it's just going to be a subtle soup of one's own disappointment or satisfaction about their actions after one's death?. Floating around and waiting to either be reborn of disappointment or escape the cycle of birth and death just by mere satisfaction of their actions?. Well someone may tell me that it may depend on whether they feel regretful or content. Otherwise, how could one either be disappointed or satisfied. Well, I don't know for sure.

Thinking about all this, I find the sin a tad bit fascinating. If one does sin and if it does not affect any other being or environment, even at a subtle level, then I find it hard to call it a sin anymore. Well if someone may feel regret, even if it's objectively a good thing to do, then is it a sin?. Subjective or objective?. Who decides these, the person who performed the action, or nature?. Who will punish?. Oneself or nature?.

But if I assume for a moment that sin is something bad objectively for the sake of this argument. Can one escape their sins?. Assuming they have done it unintentionally?. Leave about escaping, will someone share other sins?.

Suddenly I remember a story. There was once a hunter, whatever he hunted, he shared it with his wife and his two kids, and whatever was left he used to sell it. One day while he was hunting, He saw two love birds on a tree. He took his bow and arrow and shot one of the birds. Little did he know that they were magical love birds that could talk as fluently as humans. As soon as one of the birds got shot and fell down the tree, the hunter approached the fallen bird. He was about to salvage the bird when he heard the other bird crying and cursing the hunter. The bird questions the hunter, whether it was the right thing to do to kill its soulmate. Seeing the agony of the bird losing its soulmate, something moved inside the hunter. He left that dead bird instead of salvaging it and left, with an unusual feeling in his heart he never felt before. He sat on a rock on the side of a river bed and was inquiring within himself about what is right and what is wrong. Well, something similar to what I was thinking in the first two paragraphs. 

Then after some time, he goes home, empty-handed. His wife shouts at him for returning empty-handed. Then out of the blue, he asks his wife a question. "All these days I have been a provider and you have shared whatever I brought, Will you share my sins, If I have any ?.". Then the wife replies "Dont be preposterous, why in the world would I share your sins ?". The hunter was utterly disturbed.

After this, the rest of the story is kinda irrelevant I think, at least for what I`m thinking about at this moment. Well, one thing was certain, the hunter's mind was definitely rattled after that. After all this, He may or may not have become a great saint, Or become a pretty disappointed person for the rest of his life, Or would have a glass of booze, doze off and completely forget about what happened and continue with his life. This story has lots of different endings based on which part of the world you are hearing this story from.

But the part that interests me is that the hunter's wife is not willing to share her husband's sins at any cost. That brings up the most fascinating question?

In this world, will anyone ever, willingly share or bear all your sins?. And free you from the burden of them?.


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