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A Nightmare

I woke up to the sound of a cry. But the ceiling wasn't the first thing I saw when I was awake. I wasn't even on a bed. I was just there . Even before I could start wondering about what was happening or where I was, I was at unease.  I could hear someone crying, and the sound of their cry was slowly fading away. I wanted to know what it was. Then suddenly I realized... I was floating. I tried to reach out and at that very moment, I was dragged away in a direction. And the sound of crying was getting louder and more intense, as I flew past walls and buildings. It felt like something was pulling me somewhere. I somehow ended up in a strange place. I could see a house in ruins. I could still hear the cry clearly and It was coming from the ruins. I looked around and I could see a kid. She was bawling. I approached her. And all of a sudden she stopped crying and looked at me. I was frightened. I could see her eyes as red as blood.  Even before I could ask her who she was and why she

Primus Rigorous

Once upon a time, there lived an enlightened being on the top of a mountain. One day suddenly he realized that he doesn't have much time left, and wanted to preserve all the knowledge and wisdom he acquired in his lifetime. So he called upon a few of his disciples and dictated to them all the knowledge he had. After a few days, he left his body.  The disciples who received the teaching agreed that each one should have a copy of what their guru dictated. And the book containing their guru`s teachings was called  Primus Rigorous . They promised each other that they all would travel to far reaches of the country spreading the wisdom and knowledge their guru had shared with them.  Without wasting time, one of the disciples whose name was Dhanyan Vivekan left the ashram and started preaching using the book Primus Rigorous.  His preachings were not exactly welcomed in all places, and there were times when he was even physically beaten up.  Every time he encountered trouble he remembered


She manifests herself when it is called for, and she becomes the subtle element encompassed within. She is the passive observer within and the active illusion around. She is the time-invariant cosmic singularity offering herself onto the void and emerging as everything that there is. She is the mother of all mothers. She is the play in which the eater and what is being eaten are one and the same. She is the embodiment of all that there is. I bow down to every devotee worshipping her.

Uncertain world

Often, you involuntarily participate in the game of imitating various personalities. And in this process, you may lose yourself. It's a circus out there. A circus in which your most dear ones are the audience. You are expected to contest in an endless race. Where your freedom is only free in your wildest dreams. Where your peace of mind is in the hands of some random control freak. You are always compelled to take sides. Don`t even think about it, you will definitely be pursued, forced to accept their perspective as right. Where empathy is selective and just another marketing strategy. Ignorant folks, people in denial of their own defects, compulsive people are making enough ruckus out there. In this unsteady, uncertain world it would not hurt to be empathetic. But you should also be careful, there is no need to empathize with toxic personalities. Everyone is fighting their own battle, it's okay if you cannot offer help!. But it is immoral if you try to take advantage of their

First post - A short dream

I just wished to be that which I was not. And just by that mere intention,  I was put on the other side of the door and it got locked!. In confusion, I started crying... I was able to sense something new.  And going forward I was told that I was born. And  gradually I forgot what I was before this. In this illusion I fell,  I wandered , I laughed, I cried ... And  every time I felt the extremities of the illusion I  understood that something was missing. I was not sure what it was,  maybe in my life, maybe in myself. But there was something that was calling for me all along.  This went on for a long time... I indulged myself in various things, none of them being anything out of the ordinary. But suddenly one day miraculously I find a key  and I started to remember the door.  Even b efore I could open the door with the key,  she opened the door!... She asked me "Are you done playing, my child ?".  Then there was a realization "Mother never left! I was just dreaming and s