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Hence You Are Curious - Intro

  నిజమో కాదో తెలియని ప్రలోభనాలను వద్దనవే ! In the beginning, there was an infinite cosmic ocean engulfed by darkness. And then, there was the seed. What was that seed ?. It could be the desire, the desire to manifest. It could be the word, the vibration leading to the emergence of consciousness. It is what seers experienced when they dwelled deep within their hearts. And hence, the one before anything projected itself into all this. This is a state of neither real nor unreal. There is the truth in and beyond all this, Something only the realized ones seem to comprehend. The power of intention of the one before anything has led to the possibility of creation. And the power to act ignited the process of creation. Embedded power of knowledge holding everything. That one seed spiraled into never-ending ripples making the universe, holding the power within itself to sustain, make, and unmake itself.  Various seers have experienced different realizations upon meditating. For one, it was a go


I wonder... If one performs good deeds, are their actions rewarded?. And is it a sin to just have good intentions but never be able to act upon them ?. Are evil deeds punished?. If yes, who is the one? who is going to punish or reward?. Or it's just going to be a subtle soup of one's own disappointment or satisfaction about their actions after one's death?. Floating around and waiting to either be reborn of disappointment or escape the cycle of birth and death just by mere satisfaction of their actions?. Well someone may tell me that it may depend on whether they feel regretful or content. Otherwise, how could one either be disappointed or satisfied. Well, I don't know for sure. Thinking about all this, I find the sin a tad bit fascinating. If one does sin and if it does not affect any other being or environment, even at a subtle level, then I find it hard to call it a sin anymore. Well if someone may feel regret, even if it's objectively a good thing to do, then is


What helps you survive may also be the one thing that is killing the life in you. What someone desires the most can be just a talk or walk away. But the things that people do to prove that they belong!!!. No one can get a life with absolute freedom and no consequences. But sometimes it's just comforting to imagine what can be and forget what can never be. Becoming an adult presents you with an exciting set of problems. Sometimes a few daunting ones too. Gradually one may either become more desperate or get better at coming to terms with their desperation. Your goals are not any more straight lines, but elaborate mazes. You have to deal with that recurring thoughts of dissatisfaction with the things, and experiences that you desired but didn't pursue. But all of this, all the good, bad, the ugly is what anyone faces. But it's not an end, but rather a new beginning. One has to go through great endeavors, grand failures, and complex circumstances, to understand oneself. And ch

The Purpose

  The sun was just about to set. I reached just then. I got down from the car and walked to the river. I kneeled down and put my hand in the water. The water in the river had a little warmth because it was a sunny day. I sat down there, waving my hand for some time. It was so good, I hoped the time stopped then and there. Then I thought, my hand was feeling the experience of water. Irrespective of which part of the river I put my hand in, the experience will remain mostly stay the same. If I enter the river and swim, then my experience would become more vivid and significant. If I submerge myself completely underwater then the experience of water around me becomes everything. Hypothetically, just imagine because of my sheer desire to stay there I obtain the ability to breathe and live underwater. I would probably choose to explore further rather than swim back to the surface. I will start imitating any creature I would find living in that water. Slowly I will learn a movement of my own

Who am I?

  I'm the shadow behind what is expressible. I'm the core of what can never be expressed. I'm the one inside the darkness. I'm also the one in its absence. I dwell in depths of silence. I'm the ruler of the hall of sounds. I'm the cause behind every intention. I'm the force behind every action. I'm the offering. I'm the receiver of the offering. I'm the one who is called in every chant. I'm the blessing. I'm the one who is bestowing blessing. I'm also the one who is getting the blessing. I'm the water, fire, air, matter, space. I`m the one causing time. I'm the one beyond time. I'm the dream. I'm the one dreaming. I'm also the one free from the dream. I'm an integral part of every form. I'm also formless. I'm the witness. I'm the one being witnessed. There isn't anything, anywhere, anytime that is not me.

Beyond Words

  The yearning, The desire. It's hard to tell if it is a selfless pursuit or a selfish endeavor. I never understood the great emotion being confined to a few words. Sometimes it's just the pleasantness of the union. Sometimes it's the pain of separation. Every other emotion feels like a by-product of that. It devolves into something evil the moment it's not about people but things.  In its presence, all things sweet don't feel the same always. And all sad things don't stay the same. When it is understood deeply, pleasure will never be in taking, but in giving. It is what gives comfort even inside a prison of our own making. It is the warmth in one's association. It is also the warmth of one's tears flowing down on their cheeks on farewell. Is there somewhere that it isn't there. I don't need to celebrate it particularly if I cherish it every day in one form or another. What it symbolizes neither changes for anyone nor anything. It is misinterpret

Bring Me Vector - Basics

via GIPHY In this article, I`m going to explain the very basics of vectors. Then in the upcoming articles, I`m going to explain more concepts like span, subspace, basis vectors, vector components... etc. "A vector is a geometrical object with  both magnitude and direction . In simple words, it's a directed line segment , from two points A to B , where the line segment's length is the vector's magnitude and the line's direction  from A to B is the direction of the vector AB. " Well, that's quite a mouthful. I would advise the readers through my previous blog article  What`s The Point?  to understand more about the concepts of point and line. Now, let us try to understand the above-provided definition of a vector by understanding line segments. A  line segment is a line between two points . And a line is nothing but an infinite set of points. So ultimately a line segment is an infinite set of points between two points.  Now imagine a two-dimensiona