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What`s the Point?

Here`s the point : "A point is a fundamental notion , which describes an absolute position in a defined   space . It does not have any particular intrinsic meaning but is used as a reference within the context of a defined space . A point can be seen as a zero-dimensional entity". Breaking down the above statements to understand the idea of a point in a defined space, we need to understand what is a defined space. A defined space consists of various points and the  arrangement between the points. And that defined space can be anything. We can consider the universe as the defined space, spanning in all directions indefinitely. Imagine a string of beads. Here, if we consider that each bead does not have any intrinsic property like shape, length, width... etc, i.e each bead is a point. As they are arranged in an order, each bead describes the absolute position(i.e order) of that particular bead in the context of the above-defined space. You can learn more about vario


That which can be attained It cannot be represented entirely by any idea Any song about it is just a glimpse of its true nature Every shrine is just a carefully constructed model of it Any of the concepts about it capture just a particular characteristic of it. Every consecrated chant is just one of the doorways to it. That which can be attained Is infinite and immeasurable It is embedded in everything that exists When one is free from the conditioning of the world When one is free from all desires except one When the waves in the oceans of the mind subside completely The Bhairavi within Bhairava Reveals herself  And bestows one with ultimate bliss In that endless experience of Shakthi, the timeless experience of shiva is realized. Then there remains no seeker, and nothing that needs to be sought.

Mothers Lap

There I am... One moment resting on her lap  And the next moment getting off her lap Craving to play in the mud Forgetting what was before Assuming reality Establishing identity I'm lost! In the web of distractions and illusions Questioning the truth of everything But I realized I should not be afraid Because when the time comes She will pick me up and take me back into her lap.


The most valuable treasure is hidden in plain sight!. It reveals itself only when one renounces all other material possessions. Settling for the mere or going for the exquisite is a choice that one needs to make.  One reaches the pinnacle of evolution that can be attained by a human being, Once he encounters that tressure. When someone with unwavering effort strains their eyes to find it, in absolute silence, they will hear an unending tune in the void of their heart. And in that tune, they will dissolve.

Far From Truth Chapter 1

There I was... in the maintenance realm. Fixing blindness for one of the users on the main realm. Strangely I could hear a few noises. I looked around, I couldn't understand where those noises were originating from. Every time I heard something I stopped working and looked around. And all of a sudden I felt like my face was ripped open. I screamed in the horror I was witnessing. And I fell to the ground. I did not feel any pain. But I was suffocating. And I tried to get up, But could not. There was a new sensation all over my body that I never felt before. Now I started feeling pain. I was so overwhelmed by many intense sensations and pain all over my body. I finally got up using all my strength. There were wires attached to my body. I slowly started unbinding them. I looked around and I did not know where was I anymore. I started exploring. I was terrified when I could see others laying around with their face covered with gear and their bodies bound with a lot of wires. After I c


An opaque wall is more valuable than a fuzzy mirror. So, Absorbing that which can pass through a robust structure is sensible rather than reflecting distorted ideas. Blindly acting in support of shallow trends is the starting point of becoming gullible. It's one responsibility to stay stubborn with one's understanding of things unless proven otherwise. Learning the right thing is never a problem, but it's always a problem to want to be always true. Faith & belief are vague ideas open to manipulations. Trust is something that needs to be built. Understand where you don't fit in, Seek the truth which liberates you, and Never allow yourself to drown in phony norms just in fear of missing out. These will lay the foundation for the coming next few years. Be a proud & phenomenal outlier . 

Eternal Question

After losing the passion for ensuring that there are footprints left on every step of the way I walked, I started walking into a night in the making. Hoping there would be no other sunrise. If I looked back, I would definitely have things I would cherish. But I choose not to. Not because they would fade away with the arrival of night. But because I wanted to contemplate on the very existence itself. The sun is setting behind my back. I looked down. I could see my shadow. I thought, Is the shadow real?. How would it be real, if it exists only in the presence of light?. And it cannot be unreal, because I'm looking at it at the moment. Is it the case that, there is really no way of telling if something is absolutely real or unreal if it is not permanent?. But then neither my body nor mind is permanent, they could perish anytime. I thought, What if the world is devoid of the idea of reflection, then there is no way I could see myself entirely. Then the only way I can see myself entirel