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Chaos - Discarding The Past

It gets hard. Hard to preserve the knowledge and wisdom of the past. Amidst indefinite human stupidity. And one generation will surely and completely stop passing it down. From that day on, Humanity will evolve in a certain direction rapidly. But will lose a connection to their past so important and fundamental to their existence, it becomes almost impossible to revive that because of the dimension they have evolved along. Today, hormones travel faster than thoughts. We were optimized to move in that direction. Because, there is means. Means to deliver the message. Message to condition the mind of people. Our minds reward us for bearing garbage, but will penalize, if we even try to contemplate on our own philosophical and moral standpoints. Who would find time to appreciate the un countable and thorough trials and errors out ancestors had to go through arrive at conclusions about the significance of various days in any year. Who would feel proud, that out ancestors had studied and put

The First Glimpse - Shakthi

There she was when I first experienced the glance of beyond. I never knew her existence. Little did I know that she was the mother of all mothers. And she was the representation of the absolute truth. I was listening to someone singing in her praise, But I did not know its meaning then. I was concentrating on it. I don't know when I became the one with the thing I was listening to. It's like I was completely absorbed in that. Then suddenly, all of those things I usually brightly sense start to fade away. There I was. Unmoving. Unacquainted with the experience before. I wanted to push it as forward as I can. Somewhere in that struggle, for a moment, I felt absolutely nothing. In that moment of the void, void of thoughts of being in the void. I was there. Till today I make attempts to describe that moment, but no amount of words can describe that moment. In the purest of hearts In the sternest rituals In the matter that pervades In the past, the present, and the future She reside

Wake Up Sanatani - A Song

A song for sanatani to wake himself up, and fight back. Aware. Become aware. For which you wake up. O Sanatani. Make yourself able. Able to understand the truth of the past. Dont be ignorant. Ignorant of genocides against your ancestors. Be bold. Bold enough to speak against the fabricated lies. Embrace. Embrace the glory of Sanatana Dharma. O Sanatani. Dont be afraid. Dont be afraid to defend the defenseless. Be strong. Strong enough to face the hidden oppressors. Question. Question the arguments of hostile faiths. Raise. Raise your voice to condemn false narratives. Embrace. Embrace the glory of Sanatana Dharma. O Sanatani. Be patient. Patient enough for which you will win. Always. Always remember where you descended from. Warriors. Spiritual masters. Great scholars. Revered artists. Source. The Source of such extraordinary culture is your motherland. Embrace. Embrace the glory of Sanatana Dharma. O Sanatani. Embedded. Embedded are the secrets of nature in our rituals. Contemplate. 

Midnight Musings - Walking Dust

I woke up... I dont know where I was. I started looking around me. I was sitting near a fire on a beach. It was night and looked like it was about to rain. I could feel... Escaping Embers & Crackling Fire Humming Waves & Cricket Noise Approaching Storm & Thundering Clouds Fading Stars & Cool breezes It was all pleasant & beautiful... I stood up and started walking, with a torch. I turned back and could see my footprints. They were eventually erased by the waves. I was walking towards a dark forest. I could see monkeys restlessly shrieking, Even in the stormy and dark night. What could be more restless than these? Probably my mind, because it's restless even when I`m asleep. I found a large cave and entered it. It started raining heavily just after that. There were all sorts of scrambled pictures & fuzzy stories, Carved onto the wall of that cave. Some of those felt familiar. Some of those were old & fading away. I thought that the cave can only endure on

Lousy Aliterations - Her Beautiful Heart

Stormy sweating suddenly, Silently sealing secret smiles. Subtle signs sometimes, Sufficiently scared sometimes. Scoring souvenirs seeing her, Some   searingly beautiful . Melting my heart , Mending my mind. Making me mushy, Making me mad. My midnight musings & My melodies.

Theme Of Kaivalyam

A song about asking the pra brahman to lift the layer of Maya. Inspired by Annamacharya`s   ekkadi manusha janmam . పల్లవి : ఎక్కడిది మాయ లోకము  ఎక్కడిది  మాంస వికారము  సంసార  సాగరము దాట తరమా రామ చంద్ర పాహి అను ఈ దాసుడను రక్షింపవా రామ చంద్ర చరణం 1 : ఏనాటిదో ఈ కర్మ ఫలము  ఎన్నడు కడ తేరునో ఈ జన్మము  ఉన్నదో లేదో నిన్ను దర్శించుకొను భాగ్యము (ఎక్కడిది మాయ...) చరణం 2 : ఎప్పుడు తోలుగునో ఈ అహంకారము  ఎన్నడు తోలుగునో ఈ మోహము  ఎన్నటికి దొరుకునో కైవల్యము (ఎక్కడిది మాయ...)

Midnight Musings - One True Desire

I still have a lot of questions. But it all boils down to just this. I`m a conscious being and what would be the one thing I truly desire. That's all that matters. Someone may ask me, Why only one desire? Because I am driven by desire. And it's hard to quench my thirst for any desire absolutely. I pretend to be satisfied. But in the deepest corners of my heart, when I try to find the answer, I don't know if I am!. I may be convincing myself and others around me that I am!. So then comes the question, Can I be ever truly satisfied with what I have?. And why there is a need to be? That's an interesting question!. To understand, Let me get into discussing more ideas of desire in my words. Desire can be compared to being in quicksand. When you give in to the quicksand, you will slowly engulf yourself in it. This is what is happening within me, I hold no control over my desires, but when I don't fight them, I slowly sink in. But, let us say, I want to get out of it. The