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Midnight Musings - Walking Dust

I woke up...

I dont know where I was.
I started looking around me.
I was sitting near a fire on a beach.
It was night and looked like it was about to rain.

I could feel...

Escaping Embers & Crackling Fire
Humming Waves & Cricket Noise
Approaching Storm & Thundering Clouds
Fading Stars & Cool breezes

It was all pleasant & beautiful...

I stood up and started walking, with a torch.
I turned back and could see my footprints.
They were eventually erased by the waves.
I was walking towards a dark forest.

I could see monkeys restlessly shrieking,
Even in the stormy and dark night.
What could be more restless than these?
Probably my mind, because it's restless even when I`m asleep.

I found a large cave and entered it.
It started raining heavily just after that.
There were all sorts of scrambled pictures & fuzzy stories,
Carved onto the wall of that cave.

Some of those felt familiar.
Some of those were old & fading away.
I thought that the cave can only endure ones that are deeply carved.
Just like my memories that are strongly etched into my heart.

I suddenly heard a sound, I looked around.
I felt something hit my ankle.
With the help of the torch, I tried to see what it was.
It was a snake, and I realized, It bit me.

I just stood there shocked. I gradually collapsed.
But I didn't feel any pain. Instead, I felt high and I realized couldn't move.
I was completely immersed in that state.
Surprisingly I wanted it to last for some more time.

I was becoming sleepy and about to go unconscious.
In those moments I thought why didn't I do anything after I got bit.
Maybe I was stumped out by an altered state so much, I was ignorant.
Just like one sinking in desire and realizing it only at the very end.

Suddenly I felt... nothing.
It was like I was... dead.
I could not see, hear or feel anything.
Where am I? What I have become? What I was before this?

Then there was a light & I understood I was that light.
In that light I realized. I was previously just a Walking Dust.
And now I'm just dust.
And there is no need to walk again If I understood this. 

And then I really woke up... from my dream. It all was just a dream.
Was it a nightmare or a good dream? I wondered!.
And it was neither of them.
I realized It was just a glance of truth.

I'm just Walking Dust, awake or in a dream.


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