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Far From Truth Chapter 1

There I was... in the maintenance realm. Fixing blindness for one of the users on the main realm. Strangely I could hear a few noises. I looked around, I couldn't understand where those noises were originating from. Every time I heard something I stopped working and looked around. And all of a sudden I felt like my face was ripped open. I screamed in the horror I was witnessing. And I fell to the ground. I did not feel any pain. But I was suffocating. And I tried to get up, But could not. There was a new sensation all over my body that I never felt before. Now I started feeling pain. I was so overwhelmed by many intense sensations and pain all over my body. I finally got up using all my strength. There were wires attached to my body. I slowly started unbinding them. I looked around and I did not know where was I anymore. I started exploring. I was terrified when I could see others laying around with their face covered with gear and their bodies bound with a lot of wires.

After I came to the realization that I was living in a simulated world. I suddenly remembered a man in the garbage realm yelling and dancing "अन्यस्य भ्रमस्य अन्तः निहितः भ्रमः ।" . Oh! That malfunctioning user was right!. My interest to learn various languages was not at all a waste.

What I thought my body was not mine, It was just a momentary illusion ?. It took me some time to digest that. Even though I wanted to run as fast as I can in any direction and get out of there, I did not. I was terrified of how less I know about what was going on. But fortunately, there was one who has to know what is happening. That malfunctioning user from the garbage realm.

I quickly figured out where to find replacing gear. Then I tweaked it in such a way that, I could detach from it whenever I wanted. And with a lot of courage, I went back into the world, Which I know now is nothing but a simulation. 

...To be continued


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